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    I talked to Ann last night, so good to talk to her, I can imagine that she is getting skinner than ever, she told me she didn't eat lunch much... oh no.. Ann.. you should've eat at least something!! Ann said she want to ask May Ann to come as well. Sure! we obviously will see each other soon! oh well.. but not on Friday, cause Friday I used to go library and study there. Don't wanna change the time.

    There are six good friends (female) in my life, 小穎, 家瑩 Eliza, Ann, May Ann and Annie, I met them in

    different time. well, we still are good friends!^^ three from Taiwan, one is Thai one is Malaysian and another

    is from Hong Kong! I love you all .

    They all play a very important role in my life, they supporting me when I feel down, they encouraging me and

    give me more confidence, they also give me suggestion while I am lose my way.

    Thank you all, girls

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Love is..

to start with nothing

Love is...



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Don't wait to be loved, to love

Don't wait to be lonely, to recognize the value of a friend.

Don't wait for the best job, to begin to work.

Don't wait to have a lot, to share a bit.

Don't wait for the fall, to remember the advice.

Don't wait for pain, to believe in prayer.

Don't wait to have time, to be able to serve.

Don't wait for anybody else pain, to ask for apologies...

... neither separation to make it up.

Don't wait...

Because you don't know how long it will take.

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☞ 大警告Warning ☜
I guess I've mentioned that there's MSN virus comes around at moment, once you click to install it, it automatically send to all your contact: Hey, is this you? http://www.imstuff.us/profile.php?msn=[your email address]
I mean, people, if you really want your computer to get it going, do not click it nor to open or to install it!
I heard some people tried to backup the computer and formatt again, Oops.. it's helpless!!!!

親愛的朋友,當你收到你的朋友傳給你的訊息上有Hey, is this you? http://www.imstuff.us/profile.php?msn=[your email address] 請不開啟 也請你不要怪罪你的朋友,因為那個訊息是會自動傳給聯絡人的朋友的, 那是一個病毒軟體,當你安裝此軟體的時候,他會自動把你的防毒軟體關掉,還會把防火牆給刪除掉,之後還會跑出一個視窗要求你放入作業系統的光碟,至於呢..如果你真的很不小心的安裝了或是..(拍拍你的肩膀.. 搖搖頭~ 唉~~)
小姐我不知道,因為目前沒看到有方法阿.. 或者誰知道有什麼辦法也可以寫出來,幫忙大家囉~^^

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My auntie just back from Taiwan, she brought back a lot of foods from Taiwan~~^^

This evening, she gave me a pineapple cake! Lovely!! ^^ I haven't have that for ages!!

Another thing I feel so impressed was that.. production is from Taichung, believe or not, it's just one or two streets next to my house!

Oh no... I miss Taiwan a lot...>"<


These days I did not sleep well, I don't know why.. I am difinitely not "sleepless in syd", it just.. I don't even understand why I don't sleep even though I know I am tired?@@

I guess I saw Phomphan at school today, however, we act like we are strangers... that's bad..


This afternoon I had lunch with my dear Eliza, it was great and enjoyable. Thanks Eliza, thank you for inviting me for lunch!^^ luv u all the time!♡


What I was going to say?@@ oh.. we had electricity went off in the afternoon, therefore we finished class early, and I went home with Karen ( the girl I met at the other class, she is from Canton.)  We had the Client requirement assessment coming up in week 6 and week 12

Wow~~ this week is week3 already! I should start prepare my work now!


今天是伯母回來澳洲的日子,原來今天也是伯父的生日耶! 不知道爸爸有沒有notice到! 我不知道...因為伯父根本不會特別想過這一天阿,他不會像我一樣 我會很自然而然的說  歐~我生日是12月1號

anyway,  原來伯母早已心中盤算好在伯父生日這天回國,所以伯母是伯父的禮物! 大家通通贊同嘛?~^^

伯母帶回來的鳳梨酥 是俊美的耶!! 在家裡的附近~^^  記得從國小六級到國中三年,每天都會經過俊美那間餅店,尤其是傍晚的時候,特別可以聞到那個烘烤的糕餅味道~ 超香QQ


最近,都沒辦法睡好,不知道什麼原因>< 我很努力!! 可是我還是.. 睡不好..



今天中午有幸可以跟親愛的念念吃午餐,念念你好像變瘦了= =" 還是我上次在COFA沒看清楚你的樣子..我真的感覺你有瘦喔!!~ 要吃多點喔~ 


最近也要開始忙囉,因為很快就要四月啦!~ 四月放假耶~ 哇哈哈哈...才剛開學沒多久,四月12號又要放假了~^^ 好奇放什麼假嘛! Easter.. 就是!! 復活節

一大堆的考試阿 作業阿..陸續接踵而來,沒關係! 你來嘛~ 我會好好的處理的~^^


以下是我要跟親愛的媽咪講的話, 可以選擇不看的唷~^^






我想要一件外套,不要太厚,是像毛衣的外套, 因為學校尤其是電腦教室就像是冷氣房一樣! 我們班的同學有的還甚至會要求開電風扇,我冷阿 = ="









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I wonder if Roy came to the class later in the afternoon, he didn't know that we had afternoon free today.

Well..our design teacher was unwell, and we finished class early. I definitely did not just back home and play around.  (LOL! I don't actually playing around, cause I normally spend sometimes on practicing what teacher taught us everyday during the lesson.)

Ok, so you guys might wondering where did I go if I didn't have lesson in the afternoon, I went for the another design teacher's class. I thought .. I would just learn extra skill from the teacher. (The teacher mentioned that every teacher has different teaching method!) 

I stayed for the afternoon class and I actually learn something cool!! I meant.. at least, we(my class) haven't learn that part yet.. not quite! but similar~^^

With three images in three layers, I need to sort of convert them all in one!
By using photoshop's tools and functions, that became as following visual:

Cool, huh?^^ I am glad I took an extra lesson this afternoon, that helped me to improve my skill!

There're two more lesson both on HTML and Flash, we didn't do much on HTML.. what we did was doing the butterfly coding thingy, and as you can see somewhere below the blog, I finished on weekend last week. For flash, what we learn today is about creating a button! Apparently, it's cool! Oh well, it's actually wonderful!
How about show you guys why would I think it's wonderful?

LOL!! the thing I found wonderful is when this work came up, there are like hips of ideas comeing straightaway from my head! I want to do something, I mean it's just feel like an innovation.. I guess I was just get too excited about this buttons...


昨天晚上好像失眠了,可是今天早上還是七點就起床了,原本以為會很累,^^ 其實不會耶! 上課還蠻輕鬆的,學flash的時候,不但從老師那邊新學到的玩意兒...馬上現學現賣教了三個同學~^^ 自己等於重複練習 越做越熟悉

下午本來沒課,卻沒急著回家,跑去上另外一個班級的課,學設計! 不一樣的老師教學也就不一樣,我今天等於是多學了一個設計的技巧...不吃虧嘛~^^ 我還在別的班級教到新同學耶^^ 哇哈哈哈.....


親愛的仲琳姐姐說: Never too late to learn, Edward哥哥說: 轉注於機會 而非障礙


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.﹒☆‧°☆∴°﹒°.﹒‧°∴° ☆...﹒‧°∴☆  
╭╯╰╮ ﹒☆☆°.﹒☆‧°∴°﹒°☆.‧°∴°
︱☆★︱裝滿 滿滿的祝福 ‧°∴☆.‧° ☆..
~~~~ ─ 記得‥
~~~ /   要幸福哦~!
^^~/        \
~/           \
∕  ﹏﹏    ﹏﹏   ﹨
|             ︱
☆ ( ☆ * ) * ) ( *  ☆
   ☆ ) ☆ ) ﹙ * ( *
  ┌======┐ ┌======┐
╭=∥      ∥ ∥      ∥=╮
∥ ∥☆泡沫拿鐵☆∥ ∥☆卡布奇諾★∥ ∥
╰=∥ 特製咖啡 ∥ ∥ 特製咖啡 ∥=╯
  ╰======╯ ╰======
∴★◢█████◣* ☆.∴★∵★ * ☆
*██ 元氣∣Love Milk *………………….
…██ 牛奶∣沒喝牛奶 * 一天怎麼開始 *…
…██__ ∣……*……………*………… 加油
║★★★★★ \
║我來灌水囉!! ╰╡
║簽。簽。簽★╭╡ ★★★
║★★★★★ ╱   ★★★
╰═════╯    ★★★
 ╔╝★╚╗ ╮載滿『幸福』的列車╭☆
 ║★☆★║╔═══╗ ╔═══╗ ╔═══╗
 ║☆★☆║║★ ☆║ ║★ ☆║ ║★ ☆║
。。〔〔 一定要幸福喔〕〕。。
.....│︵  ︵│.....
╭☆ ╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭╧╮╭☆
╰╮ ║簽│║名│║嚕│║歐│╰╮
☆╰ ╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛╘∞╛☆╮
│〈=-﹏-=〉│ Zzz
☆ ■□■□■□■□■ □■□■□■☆
> ∴◢██◣◢∴∴∴‧..∴°∴∴◢██◣◢ ‧°∴∴∴ > >  
>∴◥██◤◥∴∴∴ ‧°∴∴∴ ◥██◤◥ ‧°∴∴∴
> > ‧..∴°∴∴◢██◣◢∴◢██◣◢‧..∴° ‧°∴ ∴∴
> > ‧.°∴∴∴ ◥██◤◥∴◥██◤◥‧..° ‧°

送 一 顆 元 氣 蘋 果 !! 吃了會好滴喔
天氣變冷了別踢被被yo! 晚安~︿ ︿*
│〈=-﹏-=〉│ Zzz
│░ ░ ░ ░ ░ │ 大家:
│ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░│ 加油!加油!
│░ ░ ░ ░ ░ │
/     \
︴●   ● ︴永 遠 支 持 我 →讚 喔
︴≡ ﹏ ≡ ︴有 空 幫 我 灌 灌 水 ~
\_____/ 鼓 鼓 掌 ~~平安!
╔══╗  o ╔╗ *°∴°﹒o°..☆﹒*°∴。°
╚☆╔╝ 。  ╚╝ ‧°∴°。.﹒‧°∴°﹒★
 ║║ ╔═╦═╦╦══╦══╗╔╗╔╗     
 ║║ ║║║║║║ ═╣ ═╣║╚╝╠☆╦╦╗
╔╝╚╗║║║║║╠═ ╠═ ║╚╗╔╣║║║║
╚══☆╚╩═╩╩☆══☆══☆ ╚╝╚═╩═╝
~~╮↘∵‧╭~╮˙∵。.↘‧ :°☆.
╰~~╯﹒.﹒╰~╯。..∵。.∵..。↘∵。.↘˙ :°☆..∵
。00 0 0oooo o o 。。。∵↘來簽名嚕耶~啦^﹏^∵。.↘‧
│           │   ╭─────╮
│           │   │HELLO│
│ . ╭───╮ . │ ╭╮│挖來灌水嚕│  
│≡  │● ●│  ≡│O╰╯╰─────╯
│   ╰───╯   │ 
.      /    ◇    ╲
.    / ◢█◣.   ◢█◣ \
 ╭──▏ ▂▂    ▂▂  ├─╮
. \ /      ∞      \ /
  /  ○ ╰──────╯ ○ .\
  ▏              .│
 ╱\       ╴╴      ./ \ 

。。。◢\  ☆  /◣
  ∕  ﹨ ╰╮∕  ﹨
  ▏  ~~′′~~  |
  ﹨/        \∕
   /   ●    ●  \
== ○ ∴•╰╯ ∴ ○ ==
 ╭──╮     ╭──╮
║             ╠═╗
║   來給妳灌水囉    ║ ║
║             ║ ║

: ╭─︿__︿─╮╭─︿__︿─╮
* │〈=-﹏-=〉││〈=-﹏-=〉│
*║* 晚安!* * *  *  *║
:║   * 祝美夢連床~*    ║
*║ 明天~  *  *    * ║
:║ * 又是新的一天~~~ *  ║

﹒°.﹒‧° ﹒°.﹒‧° ‧°☆∴°﹒°.﹒‧°
      ╭~~*╮ (((((   
      /( '-' )\ (' .' )﹒
       /■ \..../■ \ 
____________√√ ...√√________ 
☆◥◤  ◥◤◢█◣◢█◣◥◤  ◥◤☆☆
☆◢ ∩∩ ◣■■天天■■◢ ∩∩ ◣☆☆
☆◥≧。 ≦◤◥■快樂■◤◥≧。 ≦◤☆
●╮◤◥◤◥☆☆◥■■◤☆☆◤◥◤◥ ╭○

║  ///\\\\\  拍 留 ║
║ ╭       ╮  照 戀 ║
║╭│ ≧   ≦ │╮  ∩∩ ║
║╰│   ▽   │╯ ( √)║
║ ╰───────╯ 簽一估~ ║
█◣   █       ◢█
█◥◣  █ ◢██◣   █
█ ◥◣ █ █  █   █
█  ◥◣█ █  █   █
█   ◥█ ◥██◤ █ █

  ◥◤  /   ●
   \ ▂▂╭─╯
╭  (∕   ﹨
╠█\/\_/ ∕ 
╠◤\_  _/
╰   ﹨﹨  
╰─╖╓─╯天氣熱 不灌水 改灌冰
☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★
╰ ╮  ▅█▅   ︵︵︵ ︵︵
 ╰\ ████ ╗(☆★☆。.)  
▅D ◥████ ╝(★☆★.。)
█D  ◥██◤  (☆★☆.。.)


      .★ * ★..
.*★ *. *..*     ★ 
★           *
★          ★’
‘*.        *
  ‘★    ★ 
我 來 灌 水 水 囉
~~╮   ↘ ╭~╮  ↘  
╰~~╯↘  ↘ ╰~╯ ↘    ╭~╮↘ ↘
↘ ↘   ↘  ↘  ↘   ↘ ╰~╯
 ↘   ↘  ↘     ↘     ↘☆
 ↘  ╔╦╗╔╦╗╔╦╗╔╦╗╔╦╗ ↘  ↘
天氣熱.不灌水.改灌冰 ^0^
♬              ♩   ♫
    ♥══   ╠══        ♦
    ═╦══  →══╗  ♫ ♬  
     ║│    ╲╱║
    ─╯╰★   /╲╚♡    ♩   ♬
  ♫          ♦  衝衝元氣

‵︿﹀ 凡走過必留下痕跡~看我大力的踩

    O ooo。
    (   ) 
。ooo O  〉  /
(   )  (__/  OH MY GOD 太大嚕!  
 \ (  

  \   ....酸!!
  √ ﹀
  │︵  ︵│╭☆..
╭☆ ╭╧╮╭╧╮☆
╰╮ ║祝│║貴│╰╮
☆╰ ╘∞╛╘∞╛☆╯★○
☆. / \︽﹨︽﹨︽★︽\°
 ☆ │灌║﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌│.▲
★  │水║ 田 ╭┬╮田│◢█◣
 @ │囉║   │││ ◢███◣
 ║╓╥╥╥☆. ●  ●. ╥★╥╥╥╥▊╖
╔╩╬╬╬╬. _/█\_/█\_╔╩╬╬╬╬╬╬
╭┴──┤★~~├╮ 進 來 灌 灌 水 ^^
│o o│  │●  
╰┬──╯  │ ~~~~~~~~~哞

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This work is not finish yet however it's partially completed!
I tried to finish on Thursday night, but I gave up because none of the tag was work.
I tried again this morning, and I read through all the website that related to CSS. Especially thanks to
Keigo and sOrarize(中級者的心得)

Because of the stupid scrol bar on the side, so I used PS to fit as one page.


A warning to everyone:
Just a few minutes before, a friend of mine sent me a link with a url like 》
She asks if it's me.
Well.. it's my email but I've never seen this ever. A few seconds later she replied and asked me not to open it!! She told me it's a virus.. >"<
Dear friend, if you see such link.. please be aware!! I mean.. You wouldn't want your computer get a virus, right?

朋友說上面那個咖啡色的有我的email在上面的是病毒唷別亂按嘿... 也得小心別亂按嘿...=.=" 要是中毒了可別說是我惹的唷...

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Gee....I spent three hours working on the sheet with HTML and CSS and still cannot see the result..
Wonder what's going on= ="

Gonna keep working..

Gotta go to library to study tomorrow..





I need a space to breathe

I need time to think

It seems nothing belongs to me

I am all alone...

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今天是你們兩個的生日,雖然不常見到你們,我將在此獻上我滿滿的祝福,祝福你們今天都玩的愉快,然後,祝身體健康,快樂! 事事順心喔^^
一個是我的筆友,一個是會照顧我的... 保母(?) 呵呵~ JOY是好女生~^^ 我很喜歡跟JOY講話~^^

Thank you to be friends with me, you two are always good friends of mine

You are unforgetable!!

Am I getting lazier?
What I've done just writing a blog everyday,
Running out of time to do futher stuff such as beauty up the blog.. oh yeah? Let's find sometimes to fix it.. I guess dreams will never end..

There's a guy from Taiwan as well.. and he is sitting right besides me!!!! How shame that I didn't recognize his voice as a "Taiwanese.." I always thought he is from somewhere in China.. >"< Oops.. Don't blame on me.. it's not my fault.. he came to Australia like 19 years.. that could possibly "demonstrate" that why I cannot know if he came from the same place like me..

當我的同班同學兩三天後,像是發現新大陸般,我旁邊竟然坐了一個台灣男生耶!!! 從台灣來的耶~^^ 從讀高中到現在,很少有另外一個台灣人跟我同班的!! (意思就是說我是稀有動物啦)
他是台北男.. 唉..我真沒聽出他是台灣人阿~"~ 在我看來他講話的語氣就很像是Andy... 那個叫John的台北男還一副"差很多好不好"的眼色看我一下.. orz... ㄟ.. 你來澳洲也夠久了阿..19年耶.. 跟那個住在米果七年多的Jeff一樣講中文都要外國腔調阿..誰又知道你到底是哪來的,能發現你是Chinese..就已經很厲害了耶..(ㄜ..好啦..不跟你辯... 我知道我辯不過你...)
我的答案? 不會= =" 我又不是不會說英文,不需要一定要交個會講中文還特別是台灣人的朋友

今天中午阿~ 我還跟我們班同學一起玩handball.. 我的同學們,我們都一起中午吃午餐,放學一起回家,大概有九個吧!! 有印度尼西亞的、菲律賓的、還有其他..我沒問過的.. 反正Asian就佔多數啦~ 哈哈... 不過我們都是說英文的喔!! 因為..她們都是從小就來澳洲住了,根本就是non Chinese..不過...裡面也只有我是Chinese啦!!

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Well.. everybody notice today is the valentine's day, my mum called me just then!

She asked: "Didn't you go out?"

"No", I replied. (Why would I?@@)

"Did you receive a lot of emails?" Mum wondered.

(Now I see ur point of calling, mum)

"Er.. yeah.. a few.., Why are you calling me for? Mum?@@" it's my turn to wonder why ..

"Oh, no, I am just curious... "

"Oh yeah?" (I doubt.. LOL!!!!)

Alright, let's talk about what I learn to-day~~~~^^

Firstly, we had javascript lesson in the morning,

You wanna see my result?^^

Please do click on my message board.. the second Link



Scroll down the scrolling bar and then you will see something like.. vote me.. either one or the other..

for people that non-Chinese.. lol!! cause i was testing in Chinese version.. so you might cannot see it through your computer if you didn't install the Chinese thingy.


How about photoshop?

Oh yeah..

for that I am actually working on it.. so I might paste it laster on when I finish writing blogs.


Let's back to Chinese Version:




(我就剛從City放學回來了你還期望我會出去?@@ 雖然今天有一大堆人問我怎麼沒出去...=.=")






『ㄏㄚˊ..沒有阿~ 問問而已...』

(= =+ 哦...真的嘛....)←疑問句

『喔~ 那你上次去運動怎麼樣?』


『恩..肩膀阿 脖子阿很酸痛..』



『恩~ 好就先這樣,掰掰。』



不要以為人家不知道你想做什麼唷~ 哇哈哈哈...

你有權保持沉默,(我也不期望你會在我的blog寫下什麼啦~^^ 你都只會在電話上說= =)


看看看!! 看到上面有個粉紅色的連結吼!!!

那個的裡面有個我今天做的java 語法喔!!^^

嘿嘿~ 喜歡的可以玩玩啦~ 哈哈..




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This morning we were doing flash again, the task we are doing ... was.. "bouncing ball"

oh yeah, so I actually learn something from it, it's cool that cause I've never notice we can actually play the ball like that.. Don't know if David (My brother) notices that as well, the other day he told me once he finish the exam he is going to play around with flash MX.

There's a guy call David in my class as well.. he is cool and funny :) There are always fun while he is there besides us.

Alright.. I was going to teach Stela(I don't know if I spell right.. oops..) the bouncing ball.. cause she missed out a  few steps and was confused... Well.. I forgot all the steps until I back home and have a rest afterward.


La la la...


While Robyn taught us about HTML.. I guess, as being a designer I should.. consider... MSN space isn't a proper website.. cause sees that.. eh.. while we are doing all those tags.. it seems we can use some which has been restricted. Did you guys actually know what I am on about?@@

Well.. the things is.. as being a "future designer" what we need is.. to design a webpage that is satisfying a proper web standard...


bleh.. let's stop from here..


Talk my assessment.. it's due on week 9...

which still got hips of times to do..

Er... Ya.. but doesn't mean I am fool around now, cause I am aware that tomorrow I will have a little quiz on javascripting and on Wednesday I have a sort of .. Client thingy.. the teacher.. Sandra(? I guess that's the name) she wants us to find some infomation about the copyright (I mentioned before) I chose the topic of downloading mp3.. I guess it's easy.. (As far as I'm concern..)

Oh yeah..I've received two invitation cards.. plus one rose.. = ="

Hey, sorry guys, I am not going to celebrate Valentine's  okie?^^

I guess you guys will see my blog.. ya.. so that's what I wanna tell.. ^^"

 I think I should work now~^^"

Let me think how am I going to post my bouncing ball...




嘿嘿... 我還是乖乖在家裡吧~^^


恩... 今天又學到一些東西囉!!

關於動畫,HTML的一些觀念,跟... 一些關於CSS或是其他東西的..

ㄜ..今天上課快睡著了說...= ="

無聊?@@ 不是...

昨天運動到我都沒力氣了..我的脖子還彎了呢.. 阿哈哈哈...


(亞洲人一定認為: 哼~那沒什麼! 我們還不是一樣...早上七點到下午五點.. 而且我們有八節課耶!)

ㄟㄟㄟ...可是可是!! 我是每一堂課上兩個小時以上耶~ 最後那一堂課是三小時耶...



anyway~ 最近會更忙吧!!

因為我要提早(且開始)準備Assessment了!←就是報告咩= ="




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Love is forever

Love has no boundary
Here I wanna 

Thank you 

Glad I have you besides me

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There's no other time that you can spare nor waste.

What you can do is do your best and study hard.

I know you miss me, it just... it's not gonna work if we are not doing our job well.








Gotta believe the times actually fly like a rocket.

I found I am barely breathe cause I am aware of the coming life

My future, my goal..

What am I going to do afterward?








People always goes.."Maybe I will blah blah blah..." or Maybe I will do something.."

There are so many maybes, what does "maybe" actually means?

a "maybe" contains 50% of doubt and 50% on the other.

If there's any possiblity, there gonna be a chance that the event or the process not going to work.

What if it's not gonna happen?  how do you know it if you haven't try it?










Rather saying maybes, we should consider Must. Will do..  Have to

Let's back and start from zero.

Back to where you should start..

step by step..

a step forward, the goal is closer to you..




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I am currently at school now and are having a 10 mins rest from the class. While that's talk about how's the class get going, firstly, I feel a bit of hard from the HTML well... it's all about the concept and sort of meanings from those difficult term. Oh well, I am cool with it and I think I can get alone with it and I will try my best to find out all dinfintions.  Let's Google it!


And now I am doing my scripting lesson, it's not hard.. I guess. = = I am nearly fall asleep...><"

Class is a bit bored... (Am I getting tired of it?) Oh, nah... it just... I understand what he said.. in some sort of simple way.. and he is just keep on and on.. er well..


In addition I want to add is that the person who is sitting next to me...

I don't like him mostly not only because he speaks loudly that makes people annoying but also that he swears a lot!!!!

Oh, come on, I hate people keep repeat one things for thousand times, I meant.. What for? You scare that people wouldn't really understand what you were on about? Everytime you keep saying f**k stuff....= =

Man!! I had enough.. I guess I am going to change my seat before I get used to it on your f word..

Oh.. ya.. here come again.. he even swear when he laugh...

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It's the third day of IT web design course today!

Er...I don't have any friends I guess...= ="

Always feel like alone! But oh well~ Gotta get use to it....

We did new things today, let's not talk about Flash first,

There's a lesson called.. something to do with Client ( I forgot the actual name!)

Well, the teacher taught us that when we become as a web designer, we need to be aware.. oh actually, not only to be aware while being a designer but also being a student or anyone! we should really consider the word:"copyright" it's a very important topic!

Like the other day I found someone were copying my work and my stuff and that makes me so.. pissed off.. = ="

Not to mention who is the person, cause it's meaningless.. and I don't want any people go to that person's site to bombarding that .. person's site.. it will then make me feel sad for that person.

Yeah,...but if you copy from someone's work without the person's permission or even acknowledge that it's "someone's contribution", you really are.. infringe the law(?) I haven't open my bag.. Didn't review that part.. so I am not 100% sure if my expression were right.

Anyway, and the teacher also said that later on during the class we will be doing something about like.. how to negotiate/communicate while having an interview with a client.

I guess that's important to know! (Well.. for what we learn, they all important..!!) I meant, although I wanna be a teacher in the future, I might not need to negotiate with the Client, but thinking the other way, student's parents are just like Clients! You still and have to know what you are going to communicate/say when you meet your client, and as well as when you are having an interview with an employer in a business area.


Another lesson we had was about User focus, Stephen, our teacher said that while designing a website, we should also need to be ensure we are making a website that can be seen from different browsers that people use. We also need to know if our website satisfy the public/ certain people you are targeting's need.


Er.. Ya.. that is it..!!

Later on I will publish my Mr Potato by PS and some sort of flash work on SPACE!

Keep waiting!~^^


Chinese version?@@

唉~~ 最近沒太多時間英打完又中打!






但blog天天更新! (一定要的喔~)

還有~ 誰星期五想讀書的~^^

來Ultimo Library 報到喔!



The picture above is the PS task

It's my Mr. Potato work just done a min ago!!^^


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Today is the second day of web design, I learned something from the course today!^^
Firstly we had a lesson which was about scripting.. I checked the scirpting section before I went to school this morning, I thought we might be doing window scripting, oh well..!! we are actually doing javascript stuff :) I am not that worry now LOL!!
Our teacher Pat taught us how to write a basic script and shown us how it actually present.
I found it a bit hard (well I guess cause I've never "really" get to this part of computing) Obviously it's new thing and it's interesting!!^^
I've decided to do some more fimilar work on these three exercises we've been doing this morning..
Below is what we've done during class time


Below is what I practice in Chinese Version & Please do check it out as well!^^

Especially check out this one... LOL!!!


I had James in the afternoon for design! This time we are really using photoshop to do some practice. I recognise a diagram which I did with Mrs Stamell when I was year 10 doing graphic design! LOL!! I didn't know that I actually used photoshop ever.. oh well.. I forgot them all! Although I learn everything by myself.. well..  mostly, I figure things out by myself..  I still need to listen carefully on what teacher said whether we should work those softwares appropriately.
Photoshop is hard!! (for me...)compares to PhotoImpact/Gif animator.  But I will~ try my best to do the course well~

今天的課程就差不多.. 蠻好玩的吧!!
因為我們今天都學到新的東西(對我來講啦~) 我也學的很快樂喔~^^
呵呵~ 我都會做個連結點! 大家都要點進去按按看唷!!
這樣你們才知道我做的有沒有成功阿! 哇哈哈哈~XD

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