I've finally done the packing, and 'm going to the airport... I'm taking the Qantas Airline, which is cool for me, since Qantas doesn't fly to TW anymore. Ya.. I started to miss Taiwan now, but i just have to get going. The coming life is an advanture for me, it's brand new, with full of excitment.

What I wish is... the people I care, for example, my family, they could live happliy and ever after, my friends, such as Jeff, see? you gonna start to work hard in taiwan now. Take care alright? We won't have much time talking through Internet anymore, but I believe you will be fine in Taiwan, and you won't get bored, cause you have friends around you all the time, come visit Taichung sometimes! Maybe it's your turn to show me around when I back.

There are so many things I want to say, but I only have a little time. It feels like I am going back to Sydney for good.

Anyway, Tiffany is going to shut down the computer, she really needs to go now, how about seeing Tiffany on the Internet on Thursday? Deal?

Or Message/ Call Tiffany on the same cell phone number, that's no need to mention.



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